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any hope for ibook2 500 users and external video?

I know I've asked this before, but it's worth asking again in case of
any progress.  After all, I thought squeal-on-resume was just a fact of
life, but it appears to be fixed...

Do you think there'll ever be any chance of us iBook2 500 users getting
external video to work?

This is the current situation:

* boot, then insert external monitor and use m3mirror --
   X color depth and resolution correct, but display doesn't sync
   and wobbles.  console wobbles too.

* boot with external monitor in --
   external display syncs OK but X resolution and color depth is wrong,
   display overlays itself and looks screwed.  console displays OK.

Now, if we could only mix these results up and divide by two to get
correct sync and correct resolution... :-)

I'd so love to be able to give presentations in Linux.  However, maybe I
should just get saving for a 12" Powerbook... :)


-- Edd

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