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Re: Booting the Debian installation CD on Powerbook G4 12"

Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:
On Mon, 2003-02-17 at 02:07, paubert wrote:

Well, the timebase and decremeter are part of the PPC architecture.

I'm not sure things like 4xx implement them "as-is"...

It is part of the user-level 32-bit PEM -- they better
implement it :)

BTW for the "53 MHz PB", what are the following properties of cpus/PowerPC,G4:

It is 53_300_000 Hz, and it is most probably a typo
in the OF.  All other such values are rounded to
exact millions.

If you're going to reimplement the delays using the
time base, why not use the KeyLargo timer instead?
It runs at the same frequency (18.432MHz) on all
machines, so that'll save a multiply ;)  Too bad for
the non-Macs, but else you'll have to special-case
the 601 (and maybe others) anyway.


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