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Re: airport on tibook: surfing vs. ssh/scp

On Mon, Feb 24, 2003 at 05:37:02PM +0100, Michel Lanners wrote:
> On  24 Feb, this message from Serge Rey echoed through cyberspace:
> > great link. this lead me to poke around some more and one of the
> > suggestions i came across was to tweak the mtu setting. so here is what
> > i did
> > 
> > ifconfig eth1 mtu 462
>                     ^^^
> Sure about that value? Not 1462?

yes, it is 462. i've tried a variety of values and nothing worked till i
got to under 500. i did see posts about using 1462 and to be honest i
erroneously entered 462 but intended 1462. i forgot about the typo due
to being overjoyed that galeon was now working :).

> > and galeon is loading all the pages just fine now.
> > 
> > perhaps someone who knows networks better than i (which is a very large
> > population) could help explain why this setting seems to have done the
> > trick with the airport card. 
> > 
> > i should note that before this change, the default mtu assigned was 500.
>                                                                       ^^^
> Again, this was probably 1500, no?

yes, this was 1500 not 500, you are correct.

-snip- of informative explanation.
> Now, after this (rather long, after all :-) explanation, questions to
> those with this Airport problem: are you using PPPoE (i.e. ADSL or some
> other broadband medium) to connect to the Internet?

airport ----> wap -----> router ---> isp

the router ---> isp is a dsl connection with a static ip. i do static
ips on the lan as well.

Serge Rey	http://typhoon.sdsu.edu/rey.html
Everything is related to everything else, but nearer things are more
closely related than distant things.
                 - Tobler's First Law of Geography 

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