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Re: Planning to switch to Debian on PowerBook 1400cs

On Tue, Feb 11, 2003 at 04:11:38PM +1000, dbalder@pacbrands.com.au wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am planning to switch my PowerBook 1400cs to Debian Woody PowerPC port. I
> tried MkLinux before with some limited success. I mainly had problems with
> a considerable number of broken packages.
> I have a few questions regarding this switch:
> 1.) Is it possible to get power manager unit working under currently
> available linux kernel(s)? I have not been able to do this. Last time I
> researched this issue (a few months ago) I could not find any information.
> Apple did not help in resolving this issue and even MkLinux people (who
> used to be helped by Apple) don't have pmu working on PB1400. Not having a
> working pmu would, up to a point, defeat the purpose of switching.
> 2.) How small hard drive would I need for a minimal install. Initially, I
> would use command line for some light wordprocessing and possibly sc. Later
> I would like to move to a very light X window manager (such as blackbox,
> for example). Apple didn't give me a large hard drive, I have only 750MB,
> after partitioning I won't have a lot.
> 3.) Any problems to look out for? Any HOWTOs on how to effectively install
> debian and give a new life to my old trusty PB1400?
> 4.) How long would kernel recompile (provided kernel contains parts related
> to pmu) take? Just wondering...
> 5.) What about PCMCIA? I have a modem card. Last time I checked PCMCIA
> wasn't quite supported.

As a nubus machine, Debian has no kernel nor boot loader. I suspect
things are not that much different from a few months ago; PCMCIA
definitely not there. Check nubus-pmac.sourceforge.net.

"The way the Romans made sure their bridges worked is what 
we should do with software engineers. They put the designer 
under the bridge, and then they marched over it." 
-- Lawrence Bernstein, Discover, Feb 2003

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