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Re: booting from hard disk of rs6000 43p 150

However, the kernel can read a Linux filesystem, so you could do as
indicated below (if you not want to use yaboot).

Depending upon the particular system 'scsi/sd@SCSI_ID' may not work. You
will then have to use the absolute OF path. It did; however, work on the

As you will see, yaboot is a lot simpler, but if you really do not want to
use it, then the recipe below should work.

- Copy kernel to PREP 41 partition:

dd if=/boot/vmlinuz of=/dev/sda1 (or wherever you PREP 41 partition may be)

- In order to boot once from OF:
0> boot scsi/sd@x root=/dev/sda2 (x = SCSI ID; sda2 was root partition in
my case)

- In order to have OF remember where to boot from:
0> setenv auto-boot true
0> setenv boot-device scsi/sd@x (x = SCSI ID)
0> setenv boot-file root=/dev/sda2 (sda2 was root partition in my case)
0> setenv boot-command boot
0> reset-all


Rolf Brudeseth
pSeries System Engineering & Integration, IBM Enterprise Systems Group
Austin, TX

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                                               Subject:  Re: booting from hard disk of rs6000 43p 150                                  
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John F Davis wrote
> Try 1:
> setenv boot-file /zImage.chrp-rs6k
> setenv boot-device /pci@80000000/scsi@10/sd@4
> boot hd

OpenFirmware cannot read Linux filesystems, so this will _never_ work.
Your best bet is to install the Yaboot bootloader into a PReP Boot
(type 0x43) and have that load a kernel from you filesystem.


The quick/dirty answer is to compile yaboot and execute the "addnote"
that got built on the "second/yaboot" binary.  Then "dd" the yaboot binary
to your PReP Boot partition (not larger than 8M!), edit your
file to point to your kernel and you should be good to go.  Read the
included with the yaboot source for more detailed info.

Note that yaboot cannot read extended partitions, so don't try and boot a
out of one.


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