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PowerBook G4 12": nVidia GeForce 420 Go sure is a problem

I've got Sid booting on a new PBG4 12".  The Airport Extreme card
isn't working yet, but I didn't expect it to.  My current priority is
getting X working with the NVidia GeForce4 420 Go.  Right now booting
with video=ofonly when I run startx I just get vertical lines in two
shades of pink, or sometimes blue or green.

I've been futzing around with the kernel (2.4.20-ben5) with and
without the Riva driver, and dpkg-reconfiguring xserver-xfree86 with
and without the nv module, but I've mostly succeeded in getting it to
fail in less spectacular ways.  I'm googling around for information on
kernel/x drivers for GeForces but am finding mostly things from 2001
or early 2002, so I'm not sure what the current state of things is.
I'm wondering whether anyone has any experience or ideas.  I've found
Ani Joshi's experimental driver and kernel at
http://ftp.yellowdoglinux.com/pub/yellowdog/users/ajoshi/ but the
kernel can't boot because it can't talk to the IDE controller, and the
nv_drv XFree module there is less successful than the one that Sid has

As for the rest of the machine, pmud or apm emulation don't seem to be
working, and I'm not sure which IDE chipset this model uses (it's
ATA-100) so I just have all of the IDE drivers compiled in (the HD is

Oh, one weird thing is that /proc/cpuinfo says that the clock speed is
533MHz, when I am hopeful (!) that it's 867.

But it's a nice machine, if a little warm.  If I could get X working I
could switch to it full time.


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