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Re: Debian comes up with clock 14 hours off

Quoting furball@gubbe.ch:

> > > The story so far; in Debian on my iBook, the clock is 14 hours
> ahead
> > > (it's set correctly in Mac OS X).  The problem is consistent and
> > > reproducible.  [...]
> > Do you have multiple Linux partitions? In particular, is /usr on a
> > separate partition?  [...]
> Here I only have one single partition, so this can not be the
> issue. There must be (atleast one) another reason for the
> timeshift.
> bye
> Philipp

Yep, I'm afraid Philipp's right.  The symlink to /usr/share/zoneinfo sounded
promising, but I replaced the symlink in /etc with the file that it was linking
to, and the result is the same. 

It may be related to the fact that hwclock doesn't work:

craig@gallifrey 11:07 ~ > /sbin/hwclock --debug
hwclock 2.4c/util-linux-2.11n
hwclock: Open of /dev/misc/rtc failed, errno=2: No such file or directory.
No usable clock interface found.
Cannot access the Hardware Clock via any known method.
craig@gallifrey 11:07 ~ >

But if that's really true, then how can the clock be set at all?  

So what I think I'm getting out of this is that it's probably worth doing at
least a little digging to find out what the deal is.  If I find any significant
results, I'll post to the list.

Craig Steffen

current goal: use a CueCat scanner to inventory my books
career goal: be the first Vorlon Time Lord 

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