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Permedia3 console & 2.4.x kernel

I recently upgraded from the 2.2.20-pmac kernel to the 2.4.18-powerpc
version, in order to get usb-storage support for my SmartMedia reader,
and in doing so, I lost my console display. X still runs fine, and
that's mostly what I use, but it would still be nice to have console
working as well.

Previously, I just used the Open Firmware driver (checking the "No video
driver" box in BootX), which worked fine with my Formac Proformance 3
card. And since I didn't use it a lot, I didn't mind that it was a bit
slow. But after the kernel upgrade, that no longer worked (the Mac OS
screen stays up until the X login manager takes over, and trying to
switch to a console later results in garbage).

Next I dug up the info on the permedia3 console driver. Apparently, this
is included with the 2.4.19 kernel, so I upgraded to that, but all my
attempts at getting the kernel parameter right (e.g.
video=pm3fb:pciid:0:0:15:0,mode:640x480-75) have resulted in no change.
I used to get the following during startup:

MacOS display is /bandit/formacGA12
Using unsupported 1280x960 formacGA12 at 84001400, depth=32, pitch=5120
Console: switching to ...
fb0: Open Firmware frame buffer device on /bandit/formacGA12

Now, I can see no messages at all relating to displays or frame buffers.

Any ideas on what might be happening or what to try? The only thing I've
noticed that seems a little curious is a line:

PCI: Switching off ROM at 00:0f.0

which I believe is the slot of the video card. But X continues to work
with the glint driver, so why not the console driver? And why did I lose
the Open Firmware console driver that used to work when I upgraded to
the 2.4.x kernel?

I hope that's enough info to go on, but if there's anything else that
would help, just let me know and I'll supply what I can. Thanks in

-- Michael

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