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Re: Help with some low level access


Geert Uytterhoeven wrote:

ISA I/O space is the low part of PCI I/O space.
ISA memory space is something different (not available on Macs).

I should mention I am not using a Mac, it is an "AmigaOne/MAI Teron" board, which is basically an ATX board with a VIA Southbridge (hence the ISA peripherals), and a PPC Specific Northbridge which provides PC like functions (AGP, PCI...).

The above code (not using ioperm) works if I put it into the kernel, e.g in the dma.c driver, but I wanted to use it from user space when I need it (which is why I have ioperm), not to put it in the kernel. There does not seem to be any sys/io.h with the PowerPC libc, and no inb or ioperm functions for user space programs (???), the above program won't build on PowerPC.

Does my sio.c still build?

I tried to built it (after changing CHRP_ISA_IO_BASE), but for some reason there is no "inb" or "outb" functions, i.e

sio.c: In function `sio_write':
sio.c:80: warning: implicit declaration of function `outb'
sio.c: In function `sio_read':
sio.c:87: warning: implicit declaration of function `inb'

and of course it fails to link. I compile with "gcc -g -Wall -O2", am I doing something badly wrong here?



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