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Problems with pmu/display


I have an iBook 2.2 which runs with the benh5-Kernel and the newest version
of Michels x-server and dri-modules. (At least I think that the dri-modules
are running). My problem is the following: When I close the lid of the
iBook, it goes to sleep mode and the white led pulses. As I reopen the lid,
the screen is scrambled for about one second (should be ok). But then it
doesn't become absolutely normal again. There persist some vertical stripes
which flicker. It reminds me of TFT screens which get a bad signal or a too
high refresh rate. The effect also occurs in the console.
What can I do? The sleep mode is a great feature and I wouldn't want to
abstain from it ;-).

Thanks in advance for your help.



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