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Re: System disk floppies

On Thu, Feb 20, 2003 at 02:09:10PM +0100, Lars Munch wrote:
> Hi
> I have an powerbook g3 (debian only) which I boot from floppies. To get
> it to boot from HD I need to patch open firmware (I think?!).
> Now my problem is that I do not have "System Disk" or a MAC OS boot disk
> and I cannot create them since I do not have MAC OS any more.
> Could some friendly soul provide me with two images that I can dd to a
> floppy from Linux?
> A description on how the create MAC OS boot disk and System Disk can be
> found here: http://www.netbsd.org/Ports/macppc/SystemDisk-tutorial/

I think quik should work on this machine, if you get the patched 
version of quik. There's a link in the install manual. I don't
remember hearing about any OF patches needed for quik.

"The way the Romans made sure their bridges worked is what 
we should do with software engineers. They put the designer 
under the bridge, and then they marched over it." 
-- Lawrence Bernstein, Discover, Feb 2003

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