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Re: Booting the Debian installation CD on Powerbook G4 12"

On Sun, 2003-02-16 at 17:12, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:

> > My kernel has support for cpu frequency scaling via /proc/cpufreq --
> > and now when it boots it claims to be at 53 MHz.  You can get this up
> > to the proper 867 MHz by doing
> Are you sure of the 53Mhz bit ? Isn't it 533 ?

Actually, looking at a device-tree dump, it seems the min frequency
reported by Open Firmware is indeed 53Mhz. I suspect it's a bug in
OF on this machine (either that or Apple added a way to scale to
more than 2 frequencies).

Please try adding that:
value = (u32 *)get_property(cpunode, "min-clock-frequency", NULL);
if (!value)
	goto out;
low_freq = (*value) / 1000;
+/* The PowerBook G4 12" (PowerBook6,1) has an error in the device-tree
+ * here */
+if (low_freq < 100000)
+	low_freq *= 10;

Around line 272 of pmac_cpufreq.c. Please, still do the dumps
with #define DEBUG enabled so I can check the fequencies are
indeed correct.


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