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Re: The SmokeTest : Black Terrazzo Screen, No Boot, No Woody

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At 22:19 09/02/03, you wrote:
Im installing Debian on my Powermac 6400/200 (late stoneage hw)
mine is a 6400/180 ;-) (works fine)

Everything seemed well until "Please, remove all floppy CD"
And then Boot "for the very first time"

It didnt boot
The HD ran for 3 secs and then stopped
The screen had a nice terrazzo pattern !
:-) and thats all :-(

I guess your boot-vars are incorrect -- look at this to find the correct ones :
http://penguinppc.org/projects/quik/, and 'man nvsetenv' to set them from Linux, or BootVars from within MacOS (unfortunately Ihave no access to my box now -- I'll post my config in the afternoon)

But the worst was yet to come:
Tried booting from my floppies
What floppies ?? The machine didnt seem to recognice the drive -
screen in terrazzo & stop

Oops -- but should be OK : I think you (or the installer) changed your boot-device to something else than the default ('AAPL,ROM', or something like this), so your floppy drive
isn't checked anymore (not sure about this).
If the Ctrl-Opt-P-R doesn't do the trick, reseting the PRAM can be achieved
manually (unplugging the battery on the motherboard).

The following should work :
1. reset your PRAM
2. reboot (linux rescue floppy, or macOS)
3. if you want to reinstall, change your boot-variables
*before* the first boot (open a shell and 'nvsetenv')
4. reinstalling may be unnecessary, so once you got it booting,
just change your vars ('nvsetenv' or BootVars)
5. reboot :-)
(you may set auto-boot? to false until all settings are correct,
especially 'boot-device' can be hairy)

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