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Re: DMASOUND, scsi

On Thu, Feb 20, 2003 at 08:48:19PM -0800, Nathan S. wrote:
> I compiled my own kernel yesterday (feeling very proud of doing just
> that) and have fixed some problems.  I have questions about dma sound
> and scsi though.  I compiled (kernel-source-2.4.18 with patch from
> kernel.org) with CONFIG_DMASOUND_PMAC=y and CONFIG_DMASOUND=y, but get
> no sound.  Do I need just dmasound_pmac, or do I need to include
> sound_dmap=y?

Sound has been a problem for me too.  On my 6500 (yes, I know it's
*really* old), I get no dmasound.  A partial solution is to use alsa.
If you do this make sure you uninstall the dmasound modules.

ALSA is not perfect because I have no volume control at all unless I use
alsa-player, and even then the maximum volume is only half of what it
should be.  If I try to use a mixer when xmms or mp3blaster is playing
the sound starts to break up completely.

I'm planning to try the alsa-xmms plugin to see what happens, but it's
only available in unstable at the moment and I'm running stable, and I
haven't figured out how to run one unstable package on a machine that is
running stable everywhere else -- but I'll get there.

So, in short, try ALSA.



> -Thanks
> Nathan
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