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Re: DMASOUND, scsi

On Thu, Feb 27, 2003 at 07:08:36AM -0500, Fred Heitkamp wrote:
> >
> > In regards, alsa, you haven't said exactly what you've tried. Have you installed
> > the alsa-0.9 source and compiled it using 'make-kpkg modules'? If not,
> > that's the way to go.
> What kernel options are suppose to work for ALSA on the mac?
> >From memory I seem to recall that one chooses sound support but
> nothing else.
> I downloaded the CVS sources, compiled and installed.  I then found
> a config file somewhere on the net, modified it and installed.
> I don't have the mac up right now, but I think the error I get is
> 'Can't find module snd' or something like that.  I think that is a
> kernel module. Right?  None of the sound options in the kernel
> produce a module by that name AFAICT.  Maybe 'snd' is what the PC
> version of the module is called?

The 'snd' module is one of the ALSA modules.  I complied the alsa-0.9
source deb package.  Once  this is done and the modules are installed,
they should appear in /lib/[kernelversion]/modules/alsa.  Then fire up
modconf, uninstall the dma modules.  At the bottom of the top menu is a
menu item 'alsa'.  Choose it.  Then choose snd-powermac, snd-pcm and snd
pcm-oss.  This will install the relevant modules including 'snd' into
the kernel.

It worked for me anyway!



Paul Talacko

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