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Trouble with Dual boot MacOSX/Woody - Yaboot on G4 Gigabit


I've read Chris's excellent HOWTO on Booting with Yaboot on PowerPC and the penguinppc.org mac-fdisk doc. Have created and reordered the Apple-Bootstrap partition to /dev/hda2. I can OF boot Linux and can get into OSX by holding down Option key during start-up. But I am having trouble getting Yaboot to work properly.

OSX 10.2 was installed over OS 9,2 on the same HFS partition (/dev/hda10).

Partition Map /dev/hda1
Apple_bootstrap /dev/hda2
Apple_Driver 43 /dev/hda3
Apple_Driver 43 /dev/hda4
Apple_Driver_ATA /dev/hda5
Apple_Driver_ATA /dev/hda6
Apple_FWDriver /dev/hda7
Apple_Driver_IOKit  /dev/hda8
Apple_patches  /dev/hda9
Apple HFS  /dev/hda10 MacOSX/OS9
Apple_Unix /dev/hda11 / (root)
Apple_Unix /dev/hda12 swap
Apple_Unix /dev/hda13 /usr
Apple_Unix /dev/hda14 /var
Apple_Unix /dev/hda15/tmp
Apple_Unix /dev/hda 16 /home
Apple_free Apple_Unix /dev/hda17

yaboot.conf contains:

macosx=hd:10 (I also tried macos=hd:10)

I've run ybin after changes

But straight booting sticks on something like "Starting bootstrap second stage ...." and just stops. If I reboot into OF and type "boot hd:2,yaboot", Linux boots fine (I used the sample yaboot.conf from 6.5 Kernel Image settings).

I don't really want to repartition (too much important stuff on MacOSX to lose). Am I missing something obvious?




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