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Re: Altivec support in gcc


Michel Dänzer wrote:
On Mon, 2003-02-17 at 11:26, Ross Vumbaca wrote:
A colleague is trying to get the distributed.net client in Linux to use Altivec with a 7451 G4 CPU. I understand that when we build the program, our version of gcc needs to support altivec (?) (I know nothing of this).. is that right? We use gcc 2.95.3, would it support altivec, is there any way to check? I assume if it did, it needs to be enabled when the gcc is built.

Disclaimer: I'm not really an expert in this area, someone please
correct me if I'm talking nonsense. :)

You know more than me :)

As I understand it, the gcc vector extensions are only usable in gcc 3.2
(maybe 3.1), and you'd have to rebuild everything down to glibc with
-mabi=altivec if you want to use that. Maybe you rather want to use
Altivec inline assembly, which works independently from the compiler.

Ahh ok.. I guess I'll have to take a look at the dnet source for him, to see if it's using assembly or vector extensions then. Thanks for the info.



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