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Re: Initializing linux partition on install results in reboot.

Hi Joel,

Joel Schander <jschande@cs.cuc.edu> schrieb am 11.02.03 20:22:29:
> Attempting to Initialize and Activate Swap Partition resulted in the box
> apparently sitting idle for about three minutes, then rebooting. 
As strange as this may sound, you might have a memory problem. You should check the DIMMs by removing all of them, and trying to boot the machine with just one DIMM installed. 
I had the problem some time ago, having 4x128MB+2x32MB(+16MB onboard) installed in my Umax Pulsar I ended up with exactly the same strange behaviour. I reinitialised the partition map (although this is something you should try, too), removed all disks possible because I thought it could be some kind of misbehaviour of one of the disks etc. I got the DIMMs on eBay and one day I received an eMail of the seller, telling me that one of the DIMMs might be faulty. I ran the test above and found out that one DIMM actually wasn't working.

Hope that helps

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