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Re: Booting the Debian installation CD on Powerbook G4 12"

Gabriel Paubert wrote:

If you're going to reimplement the delays using the
time base, why not use the KeyLargo timer instead?

And tie the bus on repeated I/O trying to read the timer, fighting
perhaps with another processor on SMP?
No thanks.

The pci/33 bus is much slower than the arbus/maxbus/whatever
you want to call it; furthermore, there's a maximum length
you can "tie" the bus.  This is not really a problem.

It runs at the same frequency (18.432MHz) on all
machines, so that'll save a multiply ;)  Too bad for
the non-Macs, but else you'll have to special-case
the 601 (and maybe others) anyway.

I don't know how you'll avoid a multiply unless you want
to pass delays in strange units. It's better to have the

The compiler can fold it.


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