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[no subject] "Data" packet of TEI/XML files best practice Re[2]: RFS: manaplus RFS: manaplus [imagemagick] Strange bug in one of my packages need help (maybe glibc bug?) [OT] Re: RFS: opencpn [Uploaded] Re: New upstream version: nautilus-image-manipulator 0.3 [UPLOADED] Re: RFS: gtkpod (updated package) [uploaded] Re: RFS: mangler (2nd try) Avoiding useless library dependencies bt747: doubts on licenses and embedded libraries Bug#628285: RFP: xul-ext-pencil -- GUI prototyping and diagram tool Building packages from source tutorial by Debian Women Can quilt delete or rename a file? Cannot push changes to git repo data only package? Re: dbxml on squeeze? Debexpo deloyment etc. updates Debian Packaging Tutorial DEP-5 format definition hell Fix FSF address in copyright notices? get-orig-source or watch file How to close open security issues How to delete the .la file? How to tell cdbs to work only on 2 out of 7 debs in debian/control? Is it good practice to post a bugrep for your own package? ITR (in 7 days): RFS: mangler (2nd try) Re: ITS: triggerhappy Junior packaging tasks within the Debian Printing Team Re: LC_MESSAGES=C in debian/rules Library Question Licensing question Menu question: Sound Application mercurial-buildpackage question New Backup Application New contributors: please come to Debconf and/or Debcamp New upstream version: nautilus-image-manipulator 0.3 Re: override_dh_auto_configure not called Re: Package consisting of a single data file. Package purging left files on system Packaging Feedback Packaging Feedback: S3QL Problem with uscan --repack Re: python-llfuse python-llfuse (was: Packaging Feedback) Remotely downloaded javascripts in documentation Request for sponsor: mactelnet Re: RFR: lebiniou RFS or Review: nzbget RFS: acsccid Re: RFS: animal-sniffer-parent RFS: archivemount (updated package, 2nd try) RFS: archivemount (updated package, 3rd try) Re: RFS: ardentryst RFS: aspell-sr RFS: assaultcube & assaultcube-data (updated packages) RFS: assaultcube-data (updated package) RFS: assogiate (updated package) RFS: atom4 (updated package) Re: RFS: ax-emergency-listen RFS: b43-fwcutter (updated package) RFS: bgkiller RFS: bubblemon (updated package) RFS: cairomm RFS: cdpr (updated package) RFS: cl-launch, cl-asdf (updated packages) RFS: cmsmadesimple RFS: creepy RFS: creepy (Second Try) RFS: creepy (third Try) RFS: doctrine (updated package, 3rd try) RFS: doctrine (updated package, ping) RFS: downtimed (updated package) RFS: dylandotnet RFS: dylandotnet (updated package RFS: dylandotnet (updated package(rules and changelog and bug close) RFS: dylandotnet (updated package) RFS: fetchmail-6.3.19 backport to Lenny RFS: gambas3 RFS: gmult (updated package) RFS: gnustep-base (updated package) RFS: gnustep-make (updated package) Re: RFS: googlizer (updated package) Re: RFS: gordon Re: RFS: gtk2-engines-equinox Re: RFS: gtkevemon RFS: gtklp 1.2.8-1 (updated package) RFS: gtkpod (updated package) Re: RFS: haserl (second try) RFS: haskell-qt Re: RFS: hiredis - Minimalistic C client library for Redis RFS: jampal RFS: Jampal (2nd try) RFS: jchart2d RFS: JLDrill RFS: juffed (updated package, to experimental) RFS: ketchup (updated package, adopting, 3rd try) RFS: kildclient (updated package) RFS: kildclient (updated packages, fixes FTBS) Re: RFS: lastfmlib RFS: lfm (updated package) (New Upstream release) Re: RFS: libchart-php RFS: libiwtan and iwtan-gui (3rd try) RFS: libiwtan and iwtan-gui (4th and last try, at least for now!) RFS: libpam-abl RFS: librsync (updated package) RFS: libzipper RFS: mactelnet Re: RFS: manaplus RFS: mangler (2nd try) Re: RFS: marave RFS: mcs (updated package) Re: RFS: morse (new upstream release) Re: RFS: mosquitto RFS: mp3splt-gtk (updated package) RFS: mpd-sima (updated package) Re: RFS: nautilus-image-manipulator Re: RFS: nvidia-cg-toolkit (updated package) RFS: nzbget RFS: nzbget (2nd try) RFS: obdgpslogger [ITP #580176] [updated version] Re: RFS: oggfix Re: RFS: opencpn RFS: ora2pg (updated package) RFS: out-of-order (2nd try) RFS: pdnsd (updated package) RFS: peak-linux-driver RFS: piwigo (updated package) Re: RFS: piwigo (uploaded) RFS: propel RFS: pydebmirror Re: RFS: python-akismet Re: RFS: qca-cyrus-sasl - Cyrus SASL plugin for Qt Cryptographic Architecture RFS: retext RFS: rsplib-2.7.11 (implementation of the IETF RSerPool framework and example applications) RFS: rush (new package) RFS: scriptutils Re: RFS: seeks RFS: socketcan-utils Re: RFS: spey RFS: squidguard (updated package, RC bug fix) RFS: steadyflow RFS: stx-btree (updated package) RFS: tartarus RFS: torrentflux-b4rt RFS: trng The last update was on 12:58 GMT Sun Jun 24. There are 571 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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