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RE: RFS: dylandotnet

Therefore I will try pushing the package again in July since that is my target for getting rid of all non-dfsg build tools. But from now I wanted to fix the debian directory so when the code is completely includable in Debian I could include it without much much fuss at that point.


> Date: Sat, 14 May 2011 23:57:55 +0200
> From: debian@toell.net
> To: borgdylan@hotmail.com
> CC: debian-mentors@lists.debian.org
> Subject: Re: RFS: dylandotnet
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> Hi Dylan,
> On 14.05.2011 23:20, Dylan Borg wrote:
> > As my audience I would like people wanting to work in .NET/CLI and
> > wanting a new language to programwith that is not under the power of
> > large companies(i.e. C#). I plan to make program templates for using
> > component such as gtk and other commonly used linux libraries. As
> > self-hosting is achieved dylan.NET shall be only developed under Linux.
> please note Debian is not intended as a possible platform to promote and
> advocate your own project. You should have a notable user base before
> you are actually trying to introduce a package to Debian.
> Don't get me wrong, it is perfectly fine to have upstream authors
> interested to maintain their own projects in Debian - no one else would
> know them better than they do. What David wanted to advise you is, you
> should - perhaps - think whether your program really already has enough
> users, which would justify inclusion to Debian targeted to a large
> audience in contrast to some enthusiastic contributors. You seem not to
> have really much downloads [1].
> Moreover, all we can do, is to suggest you what you could or should do.
> It is still fine if you keep trying to find a sponsor for your package
> once you passed through at least the things David mentioned - but the
> tenor of our comments seem to suggest you should perhaps wait a bit more
> until you really want to push Debian inclusion. Since your build
> dependencies are non free (as of our DFSG, as David explained you
> already) things are even more complicated (for you).
> [1] https://launchpad.net/dylandotnet/+download
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> with kind regards,
> Arno Töll
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> eo1bj8Y5xY7J8Pca/YoyMTfVlilH8LM+isdbKKh+sloYG7Ybo+Z5wyEXG5VRMFUh
> BsS+tBKA6WY0YsRzQx/aIzIFKET2fGRhx+WvACkJOGIy5KRedGPdPYNiirmPwolo
> PYuUxIEFMM/gG9FhGYhsPyz6QvH2K2a/Q4b55Vh9AKhCqYGkzyzpjttagR17YXOx
> 1H9Y4Ms/GIaTyrXMd5sASXJQUJ4OtJqfKTzF6uwmYb5yY6kihZLhMiI2n/+FCsNR
> hPxuZTtRjakyBPg8Lxams5hkloguqKzErtr91ugbrxk2yj+V5d8dNno37VyGi30N
> pfHib7/LaWgUmrQfWVIUxOaoR8EJjcg5Z9IWfP8NY/bpNWqOYfTmiTdYhZ3yeN4Y
> Zb7FrqU2//eZexN7ov3rllFePsXdqNDUKghfF7pMaFJBugOG1myniWZ+HtVdhOXl
> Wz0aW3JkZuh2FY3WOvexOwwKuqCqLIPcEH7sapjRjhsjuGMa0TLg074Uu8scbKEc
> LNGhdeAgrw3AfpfFmvRz
> =WhRo
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