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Re: RFS: seeks

Hi Medhi, Mentors,

Le 22/10/2010 18:27, Mehdi Abaakouk a écrit :
> I am looking for a sponsor for my package "seeks".
> * Package name    : seeks
>   Version         : 0.3.0-1
>   Upstream Author : Emmanuel Benazera <ebenazer@seeks-project.info <mailto:ebenazer@seeks-project.info>>
> * URL             : http://www.seeks-project.info <http://www.seeks-project.info/>
> * License         : (AGPL, GPL, LGPL)
>   Section         : web
> It builds these binary packages:
> seeks      - Extensible websearch proxy & meta-search engine with personalized

I'm not a debian (developer|maintainer) but here is my review of your seeks

 * Why don't you use dh_installdirs to create /var/lib/seeks/ instead of using
init script function checkuserdbpath() to do so. Directory permissions could
be handled with dpkg-statoverride in postinst .

 * If you need to ensure a log file exists you could touch it in postinst
maintainer script and then make sure logrotate keep the file (using
copytruncate option for instance).

* Using “getent passwd <user>” instead of “getent passwd | grep "<user>:"”
saves a process. Alright, that one is more a matter of personal taste :)


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