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Re: Menu question: Sound Application

Charles answered your question, but I would like to point out that
with GNOME 3, hierarchical menus have been removed in favour of a list
of apps, a search box and a list of categories. Clicking the
categories or typing in the search box filters the list of apps. If
you install menu/menu-xdg with GNOME 3 you simply get your program in
the list with an ugly icon (due to the scaling up of a small icon). If
your app also supports the FreeDesktop menu standards then you get two
icons for your app in the menu, one nice (if it is high res) and one
ugly (XPM from the Debian menu). As a result GNOME upstream has been
recommending that people remove menu/menu-xdg when running GNOME on
Debian. I'm not sure if GNOME 3 will be the default for the release of
wheezy but as a result it is important that any package with a Debian
menu file also have a FreeDesktop menu file, at least until the day
that all window managers and desktops in Debian support the
FreeDesktop menu.



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