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Re: RFS: mactelnet


On Mon, 2 May 2011 13:50:08 +0200
Håkon Nessjøen <haakon.nessjoen@gmail.com> wrote:

>  mactelnet-client - Console tools for telneting and pinging via MAC
> addresses 
>  mactelnet-server - Telnet daemon for accepting connections
> via MAC addresses

My opinion is that the description is a bit messy. You don't 'accept
connections via MAC addresses', basically. And you can't literally have
'UDP packets with a MAC-address as destination', as far as my knowledge
of TCP/IP stack suggests.

I would call these packages this way:

mactelnet-client - Client for Microtic proprietary MAC Telnet protocol

 Ping, discovery and telnet tools for connecting to Mikrotik RouterOS
 devices, or other MAC Telnetd powered machines/devices.
 This tool can communicate with servers using Microtik proprietary MAC
 Telnet protocol. You can connect to Linux machines that
 have installed mactelnet-server, or a Mikrotik RouterOS device.
 Included are also MNDP discovery application, and macping to ping via
 the mactelnet protocol.
 These tools have nothing to do with Telnet protocol specified by RFC
 854 and 855.

mactelnet-server - Server for Microtik proprietary MAC Telnet protocol

 The remote access server that uses Mikrotik proprietary MAC Telnet
 protocol. This enables to users to access the host using MAC Telnet
 This package has nothing to do with Telnet protocol specified by RFC
 854 and 855.

WBR, Andrew

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