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Re: RFS: lastfmlib


> I am looking for a sponsor for my package "lastfmlib".
> * Package name    : lastfmlib
>   Version         : 0.4.0-1
>   Upstream Author : Dirk Vander Boer
> * URL             : http://code.google.com/p/lastfmlib/
> * License         : GPL-2
>   Section         : libs
> Btw, I read somewhere that library packages should be named lib*,
> liblastfmlib sounds kind of funny to me though..

First of all: I have no idea where this "somewhere" is, and indeed I find that
naming *of the source package* very strange. This naming requirement is true for
the binary packages, however, and therefore I wonder whether you could just call
those "liblastfm{1,-dev}"?

And there is more to be fixed:

- lastfmlib/unittest/lastfmclientmock.h lacks both copyright and license
  information. Upstream must get that sorted out first.
- I could not find any essential changes in debian-changes-0.4.0-1.
- It would be desirable to enable the unittests at build time.
- A selection of lintian messages to be addressed:
  I: liblastfmlib source: binary-control-field-duplicates-source field "section" in package liblastfmlib1
  I: liblastfmlib source: duplicate-short-description liblastfmlib-dev liblastfmlib1
  I: liblastfmlib source: duplicate-long-description liblastfmlib-dev liblastfmlib1
  W: liblastfmlib-dev: description-synopsis-starts-with-article
  W: liblastfmlib1: description-synopsis-starts-with-article

Best regards,

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