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Re: RFS: mpd-sima (updated package)

Hi mentors, Tanguy,

Le 19/05/2011 22:45, Tanguy Ortolo a écrit :
> debian/clean
>     What is that? I have never seen such a file, is it for a dh command
>     I do not know yet? I may be interested for my own packages. :-)
As answered before, this is dh_clean. I like it when I can keep debian/rules
minimal. Anyway, debhelper rocks, kudos to Joey!

> debian/mpd-sima.dirs
>     Is it needed to install /etc? If it is the reason should be
>     indicated in a comment.
Can't remember why… Looks useless indeed.
Removed, Thanks

I also enhanced the source package with comments in debian/rules, hopefully
it'll help next time I'm wondering why I've done what I did ;)

> debian/mpd-sima.postinst
>     Do you have a reason to dpkg-statoverride files instead of
>     installing them with these perms in the package itself?
>     To install files with non-standard perms in dokuwiki, here is what I
>     do in debian/rules:
>         DESTDIR=$(CURDIR)/debian/dokuwiki
>         override_dh_fixperms:
>         	dh_fixperms
>         	chown -R www-data.root $(DESTDIR)/var/lib/dokuwiki/data
>         	chmod 700 $(DESTDIR)/var/lib/dokuwiki/data
I cannot use dh_fixperms because I need to set ownership to a non-standard
system user (named "mpd-sima") which might be created when the package is
installed, hence the use of dpkg-statoverride.

Thanks for the review Tanguy,

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