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Debexpo deloyment etc. updates

Some updates from my debexpo work this morning:

(I'm CC:ing debian-mentors so people there know what's up.)

* I see that Andrey has rebased his patches onto the current git repo on Alioth. Yay!

* We have a Jenkins instance that will notice git updates and automatically build debexpo. Right now there is one failing test: http://expo-jenkins.debian.net/job/debexpo%20git%20master/14/

* I fixed a dependency declaration bug in setup.py that was preventing 'setup.py develop' from working, so if you were having trouble getting debexpo going locally, try again now. (If you read the commit log, you'll be embarrassed on my behalf.) (-:

* On December 1, I made some changes to debexpo that we really should revert. In particular, I broke uploading.

My plan for the next N days, unless someone beats me to it:

* Wait for DNS to propagate (?) so that the Jenkins setup is visible on the web.

* Undo my Decembber 1 changes so that uploads work again.

* Fix the broken test (that Jenkins reports).

* See if it's possible to make debexpo use an 'incoming' ftp dir, rather than this HTTP stuff that seems buggy.

* Create a 'dev' deployment of debexpo so we can play there without breaking the main site.

* Announce on debian-mentors again.

P.S. If you haven't heard of Jenkins, you might be interested to know that it was formerly known as Hudson.

-- Asheesh.


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