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Re: RFS: mpd-sima (updated package)

Modern packaging, with 3.0 (quilt), DEP-3, DEP-7, I like that.
Some comments.

    What is that? I have never seen such a file, is it for a dh command
    I do not know yet? I may be interested for my own packages. :-)

    I think the short description could be enhanced. Simply add an “s”
    to “title” would make it clearer: “Automagically add titles to mpd
    playlist”. Perhaps mention last.fm: “Use last.fm to automagically
    add titles to mpd playlist”.

    No need to paste the GPL-3 text twice, I think. The first section
    can refer to the license at the end.

    Is it needed to install /etc? If it is the reason should be
    indicated in a comment.

    What it this commented entry debian/html? I see no such file: if it
    is a track of some old stuff now removed it should be removed too;
    if it has a reason to stay then this reason should be indicated as a

    Do you have a reason to dpkg-statoverride files instead of
    installing them with these perms in the package itself?
    To install files with non-standard perms in dokuwiki, here is what I
    do in debian/rules:
        	chown -R www-data.root $(DESTDIR)/var/lib/dokuwiki/data
        	chmod 700 $(DESTDIR)/var/lib/dokuwiki/data
    By the way I also had to declare some (commented) lintian overrides
    because these are not standard perms.

    Maybe indicate in a comment why you are rebuilding the manpages.


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