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Re: ITS: triggerhappy

Dies schrieb Niels Thykier (niels@thykier.net):

> debian/copyright says it its GPL-3 or any later, but the license header
> in the source files merely say:
> """
> You have permission to copy, modify, and redistribute under the
> terms of the GPL. For full license terms, see COPYING.
> """
> Looking at COPYING, I see a GPL-3 license.  Please see the "How to Apply
> These Terms to Your New Programs" in COPYING on an example of how to
> correct this.
>   Legal stuff is unfortunately very pedantic and d/copyright must
> reflect what is in the upstream sources.

OK, being upstream myself, I clarified the statement in the source files to
refer to GPLv3 specificly.

> Secondly, the package has two debian-changes patches in debian/patches.

These changes were an accident produced by git-buildpackage; on my build
system, the upstream branch was not correctly checked out at HEAD, so the
changes were detected relative to the debian branch.

> There is a newer Standards-Version 3.9.2, please update accordingly.

OK, I just ran an update to make sure my local tools are recent; since my
build/sign system is running stable, I might encounter a few warning messages

> The changelog file contains a lot of entries and some of them suggests
> you have had an unofficial repository from where your users could
> download this package.  If that is the case, please move the entry that
> closes #603842 to the newest changelog entry[1].

OK, I just updated the changelog to reflect this.

Thank you very much for your input, I hope you'll revisit my package as soon as
I uploaded the new version.

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