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RFS: trng

Hi all!

TRNG (Tina's Random Number Generator) is a very nice C++ parallel pseudo-random number generator library that I use within my MPICH2 parallel computer programs on Debian Sid AMD64 on a dual-core computer. They use Monte Carlo methods, so quality random number generation is essential.

I'd like to maintain this very nice library as a Debian package, and for that I need upload sponsorship. Parallel computing is becoming more and more commonplace, and this is a very easy-to-use and high-quality parallel pseudo RNG, and is actively maintained upstream.

Some required details:

1) Name of source package: trng. It will create the following binary Debian packages: libtrng4-0, libtrng-dev, libtrng-dbg, libtrng-doc. The doc-package contains a very comprehensive high-quality 128-page PDF manual.

2) The license is BSD (3-clause)

3) Short description:

Tina's (pseudo) Random Number Generator Library

4) Long description (taken from the upstream TRNG description):

Tina's Random Number Generator Library (TRNG) is a state of
the art C++ pseudo-random number generator library for
sequential and parallel Monte Carlo simulations. Its design
principles are based on a proposal for an extensible random
number generator facility, that will be part of the random
number generator facility of the forthcoming revision of
the C++ standard.

5) Can be obtained from:


and is "lintian clean".

6) Upstream URL: http://developer.berlios.de/projects/trng

7) PDF manual URL, for those that want to take a peek before downloading the package: http://trng.berlios.de/trng.pdf

Best regards
Torquil Sørensen

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