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Re: RFS: gtkpod (updated package)

Am 02.05.2011 16:49, schrieb Matteo F. Vescovi:
> So I have only one alternative :-) And doesn't sound easy, at least for
> me ;-) But I'll give me a try... maybe I could even succeed :-)

The right way to go about this is to find out if there 3rd party packages using
this library, you need to talk to upstream about that to actually find out what
this library is supposed to do.

I looked more closely and the package builds a proper system library including
header files and a pkg-config file. So it is clearly intended as being used by
others software and should be packaged as such. But please get a confirmation
for that.

Why did you say that there will never be a libgtkpod-dev package?


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