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Re: RFS: haskell-qt

On 2011-05-26, Filip Brcic <brcha@gna.org> wrote:
> On Wednesday, 25. May 2011. 0.29.07 Sune Vuorela wrote:
>> On 2011-05-24, Filip Brcic <brcha@gna.org> wrote:
>> > libghc6-qt-dev - Haskell bindings for Qt GUI library for GHC
>> Is it only bindings for QtGui, or for other parts as well ?
> It binds to all parts. Maybe description could be formulated differently, s=
> o=20
> that questions like this are avoided. For example, just Qt (or Qt4) library=
> could be sufficient.

"gui library" is definately wrong if it binds everything. Qt4 frameworks
or Qt4 Libraries or ... somtehnig like that. And maybe you even want, if
possible to split at least the non-dev stuff in a per library package.

(so that simple gui apps doesn't pull in sql things, a web engine and

>> > libqws     - Haskell bindings for Qt GUI library for GHC
>> Is this thing actually called libqws?
> That is helper library that helps bind Haskell with C++. The directory is=20
> called QWS, yet the libraries are called libqtc_{core,gui,network,...}. If =
> QWS=20
> stands for something else, then it shouldn't be a problem to rename that=20
> subpackage into something else (like libqtc).

please consider splitting it.

btw, are the bindings based on the smoke library or ?

is it qreal float vs double safe?


 - clueless about haskell

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