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Re: Request for sponsor: mactelnet

2011/5/1 Arno Töll <debian@toell.net>:
> I am no DD, so feel free to ignore my advises but I really like the idea
> of your package so I'd like to see it in Debian as well. Therfore I took
> a quick look on it.

Thank you!

> * You do not provide a watch file. Learn more about it on [1]

Thats weird, I must have uploaded the wrong version. I was supposed to
upload mactelnet_0.3-2.
Here I added watch file, manual pages and a init.d script for the
daemon. I thought I had uploaded that one.

> * You should split up the source package in two packages:
> mactelnet-client and mactelnet-server, for client and server use
> respectively. Most users of the client package most likely neither want
> nor need the server component on the local machine installed.

What about the extra tools like mndp and macping? Should they be
included in both? Or a third mactelnet-tools package?

> * You have serveral mactelnet-doc helper files in your debian directory.
> If you don't provide a -doc package (you don't) remove them.

Oops :)

> * Consider switching to DEP-5 for debian/copyright [2]


> * You may want to provide a public accessible VCS for Debian packaging,
> consider applying to collab-maint [3][4]

How? Should I just register a guest account?

> * Header files don't have a copyright. Note this pure optional, since
> you are upstream as well, it is perhaps easily to adapt though.

I will fix this upstream.

> * udp.* misses copyright at all. If you are the author, please add it to
> at least to the source or the header file respectively.

Oops, yes they are mine.

> * md5.* is not your copyright, you have to mention this in Debians
> copyright file, refer to the DEP-5 hint. Moreover you could consider
> linking against one of the crypto libraries providing a MD5
> implementation, note OpenSSL is incompatible to your GPL-2+ software
> though.

If not OpenSSL, do you have any tips for crypto libraries i should use?
Would it be so bad to use the md5.h implementation used right now, if
I add the copyrights to the copyright file?

> * Your clean target does not cleanly remove all changes you made in the
> source directory. In particular you don't remove docs. You seem to
> generate docs through a quilt patch. That's a bit odd, please use
> dh_installman(1) instead. If you don't want to incorporate your manpages
> to your upstream tarball for future releases, you can put them into the
> debian directory as well

I think I will add the manual pages upstream, before packaging.

> * Out of curiosity: What's the purpose of macping? How is it different
> to arping(8)?

It uses the mactelnet protocol. If you wan't to know if the mactelnet
service is running, it's kind of useful.
But I see what you're thinking. But I would like to provide the same
tools that Mikrotik does on their RouterOS.

> * You should formulate command line synopsis more clear. You say your
> program is useful for generig Linux hardware too? If so, sentences like
> "MAC -MAC-Address of the RouterOS device. Use mndp to discover them."
> are misleading.

True, this was written before I created the daemon, I will update the
synopsis :)

> * Maybe be a bit more verbose in your description, refer to the policy
> §3.4 [5]

Thanks for your input! I'd be glad if you answered a few of my
questions back to you.

Håkon Nessjøen

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