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Re: RFS: gtkpod (updated package)

On 02/05/2011 15:27, Michael Biebl wrote:
> Bad timing I guess. The perl 5.12 transition just started yesterday.
> Will probably need a couple of days until this is sorted out.

:-( I'll eagerly wait.

> That said, while looking at your package briefly, I noticed that you
> split the library into a separate package libgtkpod1.
> Yet there is no corresponding libgtkpod-dev package.

And there'll never be, I guess ;-)

> If the library is meant to be used by other packages (is there one?),
> then you'd need to include the dev package. If the library is only used
> internally, then it should either be linked statically into gtkpod or
> moved to /usr/lib/gtkpod.

It's used only internally; once I'll have a working sid box again, I'll
re-build the package moving the lib to /usr/lib/gtkpod. Thanks for the hint.

> Have you consulted upstream about this?

Yes, but no reply at present time. I asked them for info concerning who
should be the maintainer (me?) and the uploader (now the Frank orphaned
the package) to modify debian/control file accordingly. Never thought
the split of the library could be an issue; it has been suggested by the
guys in #debian-mentors to resolv a lintian warning.
Once they'll knock on my door, I'll ask them even about this.
Thank you for the advice.

> Michael


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