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Re: RFS: nzbget (2nd try)

On 05/13/2011 10:36 PM, Sven Hoexter wrote:

Thanks for the review!

> * debian/copyright is incomplete. An easy grep -i copyright diggs out some
>   more names. Use something like head *|less to screen all file headers by
>   hand.

Ok, I updated the copyright information to include all copyright holders

> * This copyright format stuff makes me cry. I'm not sure what should
>   be used but so far I think a majority uses a svn revision for the
>   format definition.

Ok, I have changed that to

I thought that the "State: CANDIDATE (frozen, about to be ACCEPTED)"
meant that I could use the static url now because there won't be any
major changes to the proposal.

> * Is there really a texinfo manual somewhere?

Ups, no, there isn't. I forgot to remove that info from the generated

> The rest seems to be ok, though I can't build it currently.

Yes, that is my fault. libpar2 has been removed from debian a few weeks
ago. I changed my packaging to not use the par2-features in nzbget anymore.

>> GPL (v2 or later) (with incorrect FSF address)
>> for all files and I don't know if this will be a problem preventing the
>> package from inclusion in the archive.
> I for one don't care, though I've no idea about the ftp-master position.
> A few days ago some people here agreed that patching it is ok. You should
> fill a bug upstream anyway.

Ok, I read the discussion now and will keep it that way for now and let
upstream handle it.

Updated package has been uploaded to mentors and pushed to

Thanks again.


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