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Re: Library Question

On Tue, May 10, 2011 at 5:00 AM, Rainer Dorsch <rdorsch@web.de> wrote:

> Can you give a few hints what I need to change in the freetype/debian/rules
> file to create a libfreetype6-navit package? I would think:
> -> for the private directory: changing the prefix in ./configure
> -> for the package name: dh_strip --dbg-package=libfreetype6 to dh_strip --
> dbg-package=libfreetype6-navit
> Anything else?

I haven't looked at freetype, but you probably will need to
modify/rename anything that refers to the libfreetype6 package name,
including .install files, shlibs/symbols files, control file and more.

> Hmm....what is the advantage of an rpath compared to a wrapper script with an

The advantage is that you don't need to create a wrapper script and
adjust the build system for it.



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