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Re: Request for sponsor: mactelnet

2011/5/1 Håkon Nessjøen <haakon.nessjoen@gmail.com>:
> On 1 May 2011 03:08, Fernando Lemos <fernandotcl@gmail.com> wrote:
>> * In debian/rules, why exactly do you export DH_OPTIONS?
> This was added by the script, not me. So I have no idea.

I don't think that's required, I don't remember dh_make ever doing
that for me. Could be a different version, though.

>> * You might want to split the patches so it's easy to drop one of them
>> individually when/if upstream accepts it (and you can then describe
>> them better)
> I don't know what you mean about splitting the patches, but if you are
> talking about the doc changes, they will be added upstream instead.

What I mean is you currently have one big patch that does a lot of
things. Instead, you should ideally have many small patches that do
individual things (fixing specific bugs, implementing specific
additional functionality). If you're doing those changes upstream,
though, it's even easier, just get rid of the patches when you're

You might want to review the section about quilt in the NM guide.

>> * In debian-changes-0.3-1 you say "Upstream changes introduced in
>> version 0.3-1", but it doesn't look to me that all those changes are
>> indeed upstream, you might probably push them upstream before you can
>> claim they are upstream :-)
> That file, and more importantly, that line was added by the
> dpkg-source script. Not me.
> If you look at the changelog, I say no such thing.

I see. You probably want to split the patches anyways, and use DEP-3
for bonus points (or just push them upstream). :-)

>> * Check the "Origin" field in DEP-3, you might want to push the
>> changes upstream and then point to the relevant commits using that
>> field
> Origin (required except if Author is present) ? Author is indeed
> present. I'm not sure I understood you correctly.

In DEP-3, the "Origin" field allows you to point to an upstream
commit. Say you release 0.3, then find a minor issue and patch it
upstream. You can package 0.3 in Debian and add a patch that points to
that specific upstream patch through the Origin field:

"For patches backported/taken from upstream, it should point into the
upstream VCS web interface when possible, otherwise it can simply list
the relevant commit identifier (it should be prefixed with “commit:”
in that case). For other cases, one should simply indicate the URL
where the patch was taken from (mailing list archives, distribution
bugtrackers, etc.) when possible."


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