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New contributors: please come to Debconf and/or Debcamp

Hi everyone on debian-mentors,

I wanted to send a special invitation for new contributors to Debian: Come to Debconf and Debcamp! Even if you're not a Debian Developer yet.

Here are the things you need to know:

* Debconf is a week-long conference (this year, in Banja Luka, in Bosnia) where many Debian contributors and some Debian users discuss the present and future for Debian.

* It is also the most continuous fun I ever have in a week.

* The first Debconf I went to (in 2008) I was not a Debian Developer yet. At first, I felt timid about participating, but everyone was so exceedingly friendly that I quickly became a loudmouth. (-:

* The sponsored registration deadline is tomorrow: http://debconf11.debconf.org/dates.xhtml -- SOON!

* If you contribute to Debian, like by maintaining packages, just indicate what you do (for example, "QA work sometimes" and maybe a link to the patches you have submitted) in the registration form.

* Debcamp is a week-long hack fest, before Debconf, and if you want to get things done in Debian before Debconf, please come to that, too!

Your registration will be free of cost if you sign up within the next day, by Sun May 8. that's pretty soon!

Around this time, three years ago, I tiptoed onto the #debian-devel IRC channel and asked, "Should I go to Debconf?" I was overwhelmed with positive responses. I took a chance and decided to go. It was *so* worth it.

PLEASE JOIN US! It'll be totally great.

-- Asheesh.


Avoid reality at all costs.

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