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RFS: libpam-abl

Package name    : libpam-abl
License         : GPL 2
Description : pam_abl blocks hosts which are attempting a brute force attack.
 pam_abl is able to protect any service which uses it for authentication.
 It works on the assumption that an attacker won't get the password right
 without a lot of trying. It watches for attacks by counting how many times
 a certain user or host tries to log into the service unsuccessfully.
 When a set number of failed logins occurs, the host or user name is
 recorded. After that point, it will be impossible for that user or
 host to successfully log in. The attacker can keep trying as much as
 he wants, but will never find a way to login with his current method.

Bug #356733 ITP: libpam-abl -- blacklist hosts and users after failed authentication attempts

the package is uploaded to mentors.debian.net


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