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Re: Library Question


I think I did not describe accurately enough, what I want to do and what 
boundary condidtions are there.

Am Sonntag, 8. Mai 2011 schrieb Paul Wise:
> Since this is about maemo you can do whatever is allowed there.
> In Debian we would make an update to freetype with a patch targetting
> the fix, if the issue is severe enough.

yes, I understand.

> In this case it sounds like Navit is being backported? If so the
> backport would probably be made to depend on a freetype backport. I'm
> not that familiar with maemo so

No, navit is a third party application, which I want to package on maemo. 
Nokia does not ship any version of Navit (they ship the proprietary OVI maps). 
Freetype belongs to the core system which is shipped by Nokia, which I do not 
want to change, since I fear that it breaks other stuff. But applying the patch 
in question specifically, I might consider it as an option...

> I doubt we would introduce a freetype2.3.11 nor statically link navit
> to freetype.

Yes, I understand, Debian would not introduce such a hack (although e.g. libdb 
comes in a number of versions, libdb4.7, libdb4.8, libdb5.0,...). But I am 
more looking for a tactical short term solution on which I can iterate  and 
improve (e.g. why should I replace the Nokia freetype, when I do not yet know, 
that this would fix the problem....).

> PS: You may be interested in joining this effort to port Debian to the
> Nokia N900:
> http://wiki.debian.org/pkg-n900

Cool, I was not aware of this effort. If GPS and modem support will be added, 
the have a usable base system, I am really impressed of this effort :-)

The biggest challenge are probably the missing hardware drivers (which 
prohibit e.g. to update the maemo distribution with new kernels).

Many thanks,

Rainer Dorsch
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