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Re: bt747: doubts on licenses and embedded libraries

Hello Monica,

interesting that you're now working on bt747: I'm also using this program to download my GPS tracks and flag my photos, wanted as well to package it, and basically silently gave up as I looked into it :-P
Anyway I'm happy that someone has more courage and/or time to do it!

On 15/05/11 13:22, Mònica Ramírez Arceda wrote:
El dg 15 de 05 de 2011 a les 19:08 +0800, en/na Paul Wise va escriure:
Yep, package any embedded code copies separately.

For modified code copies, try to get the changes into their proper
upstream or the Debian package if it exists.

Ok, I'll try it, altough this library doesn't exist in Debian, for now.

But I don't understand what I have to do when I have these changes :-(
To be honest, I had the same problem as you with Freeplane and JOrtho, and I decided to keep JOrtho as part of the freeplane package, under the binary name libjortho-freeplane-java.
The reasons were:
- JOrtho was not in Debian either
- JOrtho seemed not very active (dead?).
- the changes done by the Freeplane developer on JOrtho were already raised to the JOrtho team but still not included though compatible. - by having a separate binary package, I can change the dependencies if required at some point in time, so it doesn't close any future option.

Hence the choice was easy for me. Hope the criteria help you take a decision.

Good luck,

Thanks a lot for your help,

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