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Re: Fix FSF address in copyright notices?

Russ Allbery <rra@debian.org> writes:

> Kumar Appaiah <a.kumar@alumni.iitm.ac.in> writes:
> > Pardon me if I miss something, but is it prudent to alter upstream's
> > license without their permission in the source? Granted, it's just
> > an address change which may not change the constraints and
> > restriction imposed by the license itself, but I wonder if this
> > would actually be the right thing to do, rather than have upstream
> > fix it.
> I don't think the address is part of the license.

I used to hold the opinion Kumar gives above, but Russ and others
convinced me otherwise some time ago. The contact address isn't
normative, and it's most helpful for all concerned to update it to the
most recent published address.

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