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Re: RFS: gtkpod (updated package)

Am 02.05.2011 10:04, schrieb Matteo F. Vescovi:
> On 02/05/2011 09:40, Etienne Millon wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Your package fails to build from source in an up-to-date sid chroot.
>> Please see the attached build log.
>> I did not investigate further but something seems wrong with your
>> perl-related build-deps.
> It seems to be a sid-related problem... an upgrade to latest completely
> removed almost all perl modules... lintian included. That's not fine.

Bad timing I guess. The perl 5.12 transition just started yesterday.
Will probably need a couple of days until this is sorted out.

That said, while looking at your package briefly, I noticed that you
split the library into a separate package libgtkpod1.
Yet there is no corresponding libgtkpod-dev package.

If the library is meant to be used by other packages (is there one?),
then you'd need to include the dev package. If the library is only used
internally, then it should either be linked statically into gtkpod or
moved to /usr/lib/gtkpod.

Have you consulted upstream about this?


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