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"Data" packet of TEI/XML files best practice

Hi people,

I have a clone git repository here which consists of several TEI encoded XML files for Sanskrit
philology (https://github.com/paddymcall/SARIT):

$ ls SARIT/
astangahrdayasamhita.xml  brahmapurana.xml debian manusmrti.xml ratnakIrti-nibandhAvali.xml  schemas
ayurvedasutram.xml caryamelapakapradipa.xml kautalyarthasastra.xml naradasmrti.xml  README.org

I'm building a Debian packet from them with simple "dh $@" in debian/rules (Debhelper 7) and
with a debian/install which goes like this:

$ cat debian/install
*xml usr/share/sarit
schemas usr/share/sarit/schemas
README.org usr/share/doc/sarit/


1) the Git repo maintainer doesn't uses tags yet, so I've chosen the snapshot for my packet rev
number (420aa04-1). For I am building from within Git (debian/ has been blacklisted through
.git/info/exclude), is it possible to create the .deb also without a source tarball or what would be
best practice to recreate it?

2) I would like to create PDFs from the .xml-s during packet creation, I would guess I would need a
override_dh_ for this in debian/rules, which?

3) Would Debian be interested to include such a "data" packet into the official repos if the
copyright issue has been solved?

Thanks for any tips towards this easy stuff,

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