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RE: RFS: dylandotnet

I took the liberty of redirecting this reply back to the list.
You may want to bounce  your original message to the list as well.
In general, please direct the discussion to the list.

I'm not sure why lintian does not catch this, but your changelog needs

 - target should be debian unstable, not ubuntu.

 - Your closes line is wrong, it should not be part of the line with

 - Your changelog should also close a Debian ITP bug, since that is the
 right place to have a discussion about whether a proposed package is
 suitable for Debian.

On Sat, 14 May 2011 14:25:52 +0200, Dylan Borg <borgdylan@hotmail.com> wrote:

> My target audience is a .NET aware audience, this package contains a
> compiler after all.

You still need to provide a description that is useful for debian users
in general. 

> The .dlls are binary and platform independent(it is in the ECMA 335
> spec).


> Right now the current dylan.NET compiler is only runnable on windows.


> Because the build cannot happen on Linux currently I ship the dlls
> ready made.

Then I think you will have to target contrib rather than Debian main
until you can build in Debian. See policy 2.2.2 for an explanation.


MS-Windows certainly counts as a non-free package ;).

> The method inners are being worked on but I wish the packaging and the
> already completed parts to be tried on and bugs filed to me.

Do you think there is enough audience to justify uploading to Debian at
this time?  What would this audience be?

> It does not have to do with the Dylan programming language.

Right, so please add that to your long description.

All the best,


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