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Re: Request for sponsor: mactelnet

On 1 May 2011 03:08, Fernando Lemos <fernandotcl@gmail.com> wrote:

> * In debian/rules, you probably want to get rid of the "sample" comments


> * In debian/rules, why exactly do you export DH_OPTIONS?

This was added by the script, not me. So I have no idea.

> * You might want to split the patches so it's easy to drop one of them
> individually when/if upstream accepts it (and you can then describe
> them better)

I don't know what you mean about splitting the patches, but if you are
talking about the doc changes, they will be added upstream instead.

> * In debian-changes-0.3-1 you say "Upstream changes introduced in
> version 0.3-1", but it doesn't look to me that all those changes are
> indeed upstream, you might probably push them upstream before you can
> claim they are upstream :-)

That file, and more importantly, that line was added by the
dpkg-source script. Not me.
If you look at the changelog, I say no such thing.

> * Check the "Origin" field in DEP-3, you might want to push the
> changes upstream and then point to the relevant commits using that
> field

Origin (required except if Author is present) ? Author is indeed
present. I'm not sure I understood you correctly.

Håkon Nessjøen

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