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mercurial-buildpackage question


I'm having some trouble with mercurial-buildpackage.

I prepared a hg repository that contains just my initial debian/
directory. Then I imported the upstream source with
mercurial-importorig, and tried to run mercurial-pristinetar for
testing. However,

$ mercurial-importorig ../python-llfuse_0.31.orig.tar.bz2 
I: Remember to quilt push -a and sort out any problems.
I: After that, commit everything including .pc directory.

$ rm ../python-llfuse_0.31.orig.tar.bz2
$ mercurial-pristinetar 
E: xdelta patch -p python-llfuse_0.31.orig.tar.xdelta recreated-python-llfuse_0.31.orig.tar python-llfuse_0.31.orig.tar failed:
E: xdelta: python-llfuse_0.31.orig.tar: Checksum validation failed, expected: 46b0654f58658909c94c0cbebe3ec85d, received: 224626f778961d46651bdbd9e888d51e
E: xdelta: recreated-python-llfuse_0.31.orig.tar: Checksum validation failed, expected: 04f0920de545408e6d6d6c71c44ac72e, received: 485974fdef8fac7bae55acf123052e00

Why isn't this working?



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