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Re: ITS: triggerhappy

Dies schrieb Niels Thykier (niels@thykier.net):

> To say "GPLv3" or "GPLv3 or any later"? (I did not check the tarball for
> the reasons listed below)

"or any later version", so every licence statement should be the same.

> I tried to re-fetch your package, but dpkg-source refuses to unpack it
> because the tarball has a different size than what is expected(/written
> in the .dsc).  Not sure what happened, but according to the directory
> listing on mentors.debian.net[1], the orig.tar.gz is from March and the
> dsc is from today.
>   Perhaps, you have to remove the package from mentors and re-upload it
> again?

I just did that, it should be working now.

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