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Re: data only package?

Hi Paul,

2011/5/11 Paul Elliott <pelliott@blackpatchpanel.com>:
> Can anyone name an example of a well packaged data only package, (no build
> needed), which is written in dh?  I would like to look at an example.

Probably someone else will come up with better examples, but here are
some possibilities:

 - For traditional dh, glest-data comes to mind, but you'd probably
want to use a debian/install file instead of using "cp" in

 - For dh7, you could take a look at gnome-activity-journal, which is
a Python application and not a data package, but again the main change
would be using a debian/install file instead of having dh7
automatically call distutils to do the job.

 - (You can see an example of debian/install usage in topshelf, but
the rules file there is CDBS.)

In any case, there shouldn't be much to it, you just put in a minimal
dh7 debian/rules file and then a debian/install file where you list
all files/directories "<file> <destination directory>", one line each
(for example, "mycoolapp.png usr/share/pixmaps").

I hope this helps. If you've got any particular problem, just ask.


Siegfried-Angel Gevatter Pujals (RainCT)
Free Software Developer       363DEAE3

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