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New Backup Application


[I hope this is the right group. Apologies if not]

I've built a reasonably comprehensive backup and disaster recovery app, and am looking for some help on the next steps, the first of which I believe is to find a mentor/sponsor from this group.

(I can hear the groans from here - yet another backup app). 
However, this is the first one that met all my criteria for a decent backup app:
- simple to use, with nice UI.
- multiple backup configs to multiple locations (e.g. music backed up differently to docs)
- supports cloud storage (DropBox for example) 
- auto splits for FAT file systems (with 2G file limits)
- encryption out of the box using openssl for storage and transports
- every backup storage location includes a completely self contained GUI disaster recovery program
- auto-management of storage space
- good management of encryption keys (as good as you can be without proper OS support).
- slick recovery UI
... and much more.

Its currently got a setup.py and a .deb, documentation (which gets installed in the
proper place), and is internationalized (but does not have any other translations). It was developed using wxPython.

So... is there anyone out there interested in this project as a sponsor/mentor.

Many thanks for your help with this.

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